Industrial Part Washers

Pacific Spray Booths features the ISTpure standard and custom aqueous-based and solvent parts-cleaning equipment for diverse industries with manual or automated operations.

Our cleaning equipment is designed to degrease, remove oil and other oily soot deposits, or deep-clean parts and industrial components of diverse shapes and sizes, with or without operator intervention. In addition to offering a wide selection of washing systems, ISTpure specializes in engineering integrated systems for compact to large parts.

istpure parts washers

Washing Solutions Features

• Flexibility in cleaning processes and results
• Increased operator comfort
• Cleaner, safer work environments
• Control over solvent fumes and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Increased productivity

Products Include

WMW Series – Aqueous-based Manual Washing Cabinet

SMW Series – Solvent Manual Washing Cabinet

AW Series – Aqueous-based Agitation Washing Tank

AL Series – Solvent Agitation Washing Tank

F Series – High-throughput Jet Aqueous-based Washer

WAW Series – Aqueous-based Automated Washing Cabinet
The WAW Series Aqueous-Based Automated Washing Cabinet is specifically designed to maintain engines and complex components in aviation and transport industries. The unit operates with 100 psi electric pump and 1/2″ hoses fitted with quick-connect couplings to flush interior piping of complex parts, such as engines, turbines and generators. Once parts are clean, the operator may switch from fluid to air-only delivery to dry parts from the inside.

WAW Series Aqueous-Based Automated Washing Cabinets

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