About Our Company

Fred Steltman started Pacific Spray Booths in the spring of 2000 after many years in the industrial sector, doing design, project management, purchasing, estimating and sales.

With his varied experience and a diploma in Mechanical Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), he’s learned that business is about strong relationships based on learning what his customers want, and delivering both value and what was promised (or more), on time.

Our Mission

We believe that we need to ask questions before we start talking. Discovering your needs is our first priority. We have a wide variety of products, and fitting the right product to your requirements is just the beginning of our job. We don’t believe in “upselling” – we’re not interested in “maximizing the sale”. When you talk to us, you’ll discover we’re technicians first and salesman last. We think it’s an honest way to do business.

Fred Steltman, Owner Pacific Spray Booths, Ltd.

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