Ultrasonic Aqueous Cleaners

Pacific Spray Booth features the Ultrasonic Cleaners by ISTpure. Powerful and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and restoring parts in a variety of shapes and sizes in just minutes using tap water or specialty soaps.

ISTpure high performance ultrasonic cleaning equipment is for specialized industries that require clean, sanitized and/or ultra-smooth tools, parts and instruments. Our washers meet the highest standards and are second to none in the industry. You can count on ISTpure ultrasonic cleaners to remove oil, grease, dust and other stubborn dirt. Our solutions give you cleaner parts with much less effort!

ultrasonic cleaners

Key Benefits

• Increased Productivity
• Reduces labor costs
• Hands-free cleaning
• Programmable controls for automated cleaning cycles
• Minimizes hazardous waste
• Precision Cleaning – Fast and Effective
Cleans variety of parts and surfaces (metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics)
• Cleans hard to reach blind holes and cavities
• Cleaner parts in just minutes
• Safe for Employees & Environmentally Friendly
Replaces hazardous cleaning solvents
• Uses only biodegradable soaps and hot water
• Wide Range of Equipment for All Industrial Cleaning Needs
From table top to large-capacity units to accommodate casual to heavy users and parts of any size
• Custom design available upon request
• Large range of detergents and cleaning solutions to address all kinds of tasks
• We offer dedicated technical service to each and every IST client


• Aerospace & Aviation
• Automotive & Transportation
• Industrial Machines
• Medical Equipment
• Metal Finishing
• Printing & 3D Printing
• Specialty Cleaning
• Tools & Machining

Common Applications

• Disaster Recovery
• Industrial Manufacturing
• Cleaning & Degreasing Industrial Parts
• Light-Duty Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Mechanics
• Equipment & Tool Maintenance
• Cleaning Molds
• Refurbishment & Repair Workshops
• Polishing & Metal Finishing


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