Side Downdraft Paint Booths

Pacific Spray Booths features Side Downdraft paint spray booths for both Automotive and Industrial use by Sprayline and Global Finishing Solutions.

The Side Downdraft is a very popular booth for those who want a full-downdraft, but do not want the expense of excavating an exhaust pit (or simply can’t), nor want a raised exhaust basement. Air enters through the filtered booth ceiling and down to the floor, exhausting out the bottom of the side walls. Exhaust plenums behind the filters is collected to a vertical plenums that leads to the exhaust fans (one fan per side).

side downdraft booth

An air make-up unit can be added by ducting to a plenum above the ceiling filter section.

Side Downdraft Features

  • Clean air spray and rapid dry time
  • Plenum pre-filters clean incoming air into booth
  • Heated or fresh air is available
  • Blanket ceiling filters with swing down hinges
  • Wide double-skin doors

Booth Options

  • White pre-coated panel
  • Air make-up unit (AMU)
  • Lighting options
  • Air proving switch
  • Doors and windows


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