For Automotive & Industrial Use

Pacific Spray Booths features the Semi Downdraft Paint Booth (as shown with optional roll-up door), excellent for both Automotive and Industrial Booth applications.

The Semi Downdraft Spray Booth by Sprayline, is a standout for all finishing industries such as automotive repair, metal fabrication, motorcycle painting and much more. The semi downdraft is both versatile and economical.

large format semi downdraft spray booth

Air enters through the front section of the filtered booth ceiling and flows to the back of the booth and exhausts at the rear. The exhaust configuration in the rear can either be a filtered center plenum or filtered towers in the rear corners. The tower exhaust configuration allows the addition of another set of product doors making the booth “drive-through”.

An air make-up unit can be added by ducting to a plenum above the ceiling filter section.


  • Premier cleaning with great lighting
  • Easy to expand and comes in a variety of sizes
  • Allows for drive through doors in most applications
  • Can use heated or fresh air
  • High velocity exhaust or accelerated dry time and rapid over-spray removal
  • Includes heavy duty hinges and hardware
  • Environmentally friendly



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