Air Wall Aspiration Systems

The ISTblast Air Wall System is compact wall-filtration unit designed to capture and control airborne contaminants found in work environments. Available in different cartridge filter and modular configurations, our line of air wall filtration systems can address all your air purification requirements, whatever the room size and type of contaminants found.

A key advantage of our Air Wall system is their small footprint, since they do not require any connection to building’s ventilation ducting. Standalone units offer significant savings on both installation and maintenance. Their incredible performance with low air consumption (CFM) ratio contributes to substantial energy savings.

air wall aspiration systems

Our line of wall filtration units can capture 99.9% of foreign particulates down to 1 micron or larger and exceeds the most demanding requirements in air quality control (EPA and OSHA) for such filtration units, resulting in: cleaner air, safer work environment, increased productivity and reduced risk of respiratory illnesses caused by harmful air pollutants.

Key Features

• VERSATILITY: Air wall system comes in various CFM’s (airflows) and can be grouped together to handle any room size or filtration requirement.
• DESIGN: Built to fit into spaces that require small footprint, saving valuable floor space
• FLEXIBILITY: We build our booths and dust collection systems to suit your needs
• NO DUCTWORK REQUIRED: This saves time and money – no need for expensive ducting installation
• COST: Our dust collectors operate on the lowest horsepower-to-CFM ratio on the market, for substantial savings in electricity
• AUTOMATION: Driven by DCT1000 timer controller for improved efficiency, without any human intervention
• WARRANTY: We offer the only 5-year warranty in the industry for similar equipment
• SERVICE: We offer efficient service and fast response rates to service calls, to get your business back on track as soon as possible

How It Works

air wall aspiration system

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