Retractable Spray Booths

Pacific Spray Booth features the industrial Retractable Spray Booth by Duroair.

Duroair’s portable, retractable enclosure with DuroCap™ vented and DuroPure™ recirculating air filtration systems can be custom tailored to your facility workflows. Our solutions prevent costly surface rework from contaminants, while capturing toxins like VOC’s, hexavalent chromium, and isocyanates.

retractable industrial spray booths

Spray Booth Benefits 

There are 4 advantages over fixed spray booths for industrial companies that include in-house finishing operations:
• Minimized material handling
• Less chance of paint damage
• Better organization of work flow
• Quicker drying times

Minimized Material Handling

With retractable spray booths, you can basically install your enclosure in the workspace a piece will occupy before it goes to finishing. Tucked away to the side, the enclosure can be unfurled around the product when it’s ready for painting. No clearing a path, no cranes, and no moving oversized, heavy objects required.

Less Chance of Damaging the Paint

When you move a heavy object, it easy to damage the paint that has been applied. By bringing the Retractable industrial spray booth to the product this helps to minimize extra work.

Better Organization of Your Plant

Organize your production line and save space by having your Retractable paint enclosure brought to the work area that need finishing.

Better Drying Times

Retractable industrial spray booths feature drafting technology that is superior to that found in many fixed paint booths. Dry times are improved.



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