Powder Coating Booths & Ovens

Ideal for small to medium-sized batch powder coating applications, Powder Recovery Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) provide a bright, efficient environment for powder coating operations.

An integrated Powder Collection Module in GFS Powder Recovery Booths features high-efficiency cartridge filters for capturing powder overspray, and a load-triggered filter pulsing system, which cleans filters for a longer life span.

powder coating recovery booths

Powder Non-Recovery Booths

Powder Non-Recovery Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) are cost-effective finishing environments for small batch powder coating applications. Featuring a primary and redundant filtration system, GFS Powder Non-Recovery Booths capture high volumes of powder overspray. The open-front design saves floor space and allows for easy transportation in and out of the powder booth.

Batch Process Oven

Designed for drying, curing, baking or preheating, Batch Process Ovens from Global Finishing Solutions feature excellent heat transfer technology in a compact design.

Continuous Process Oven

Designed as part of a finishing system, GFS’ custom engineered Continuous Process Ovens provide a safe, efficient finishing environment for a variety of heat applications, including paint drying, powder curing, e-coat curing, drying and heat treating.

Batch Burn-Off Oven

Precision engineered and designed, GFS’ Batch Burn-Off Ovens use heat to safely and efficiently remove baked-on paint from racks, hooks and fixtures.



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