Great For Automotive & Large Equipment Applications

Pacific Spray Booths features Open Face spray booths, which can be used for Automotive or Industrial applications. Open face booths can be as small as you want, including one that could be workbench height. 

An Open Face booth has no intake filters or doors and is used when quality of finish is not a high priority, or dust in the air is not a factor. An air make-up unit (AMU) can be added and either ducted to dump air into the same room as the spray booth or directly over the front of the paint booth.

open face automotive paint booth

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Without an AMU, code requires some provision for a passive system to allow air to replace the air being sucked out of the shop by the paint booth. This can take the form of a fixed louvre or back draft damper mounted in the wall or some form of inlet mounted in the roof. It can also be switch mounted to a bay door that is interlocked to the open front booth to ensure that the door is open an appropriate amount before the booth can be fully operational.


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