ISTblast Dust Collectors

Pacific Spray Booths dust collectors are cleverly designed to require little supervision and ensure a high degree of dust filtration using the Venturi Reverse Pulse System. Mechanical components are selected with flexibility in mind, allowing several optional add-ons to automate filtration and clear internal filters.

Dust collectors improve working environments, reduce maintenance and operating costs of sandblasting equipment and increase operator productivity. The dust collector’s modular design is great for mounting multiple units together to accommodate room size and process-extraction capacity requirements.

dust collector with blast booth

The ISTblast DCM3000 – 50000 Series dust collectors are specially designed for abrasive blast rooms and blast cabinets, which only work properly when equipped with proper ventilation and dust collection systems.

ISTblast dust collectors come available with replaceable cartridge or manual bag-shaker filter systems. These robust systems capture and filter more than 99% of all particles equal to or greater than one micron and allow filtered air to be recycled for substantial savings in heating and cooling. Our systems can also be equipped with optional HEPA filters to increase filtering performance.

Cartridges are combined with efficient, self-cleaning compressed air system for filtration of fine dust particles in continuous operations and with constant differential pressure loss. Vertical cartridge design achieves continuous 100% filtration rate.

Technical Features

• Tru-Welded hoppers
• 36” 80/20 blend vertical cartridge design
• Goyen Solenoid block kit
• 1½’’ Goyen valves
• 12 Gauge construction
• Service ladder and platform (optional)
• Manual cam compression system (No tools required)
• Lifting lugs
• Dirty-side pressure differential line filter
• Full Logic (cleaning) control board
• Belt and direct drive blowers

Key Features

• Fast, simple and safe cartridge replacement
• Cartridge replacement is performed outside dust collector and requires no tools, eliminating need to work in confined space and allowing worker to access cartridge without getting dirty
• Cartridge comes with rectangular top plate that simplifies handling and eliminates potential for installation errors
• Continuous operation. Unlike other types of dust collectors such as bag shakers, cartridge dust collectors do not have to be stopped in order to remove and clean dust particles from filters. Process occurs continuously and automatically.
• The cartridge dust collector is an economical choice because it requires minimal maintenance: only periodic cartridge replacement is necessary. Replacement frequency depends on application and usage.

How It Works

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