Providing The Ultimate Intake Protection

The Diff-DD Media provides the ultimate intake protection. The filter media is constructed from selected high performance fine denier fibers in a gradient density multi-layering technique to ensure high depth loading with optimal lowest pressure drop performance.

The media is thermally bonded and impregnated in full depth with a proprietary adhesive coating to prevent any release of fibers and migration of paint damaging particles larger than 5 micron. The clean air side is particularly dense and reinforced with a supporting woven open mesh scrim which results in long life and high fractional efficiency.

Diff-DD Media

Product Features

  • Approved by major – Automotive manufacturers
  • Optimum Efficiency – Full penetration of special adhesive
  • Reinforced Scrim Backing – Zero fiber migration
  • Gradient Density Structure – Uniform air distribution
  • UL 900 Class 1 Rating – Self extinguishing



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