Blast Booths & Rooms

Depending on your surface treatment requirements, Pacific Spray Booths can provide a complete turn-key solution including the making of a new room, or simply providing the necessary equipment and technical support to guide you in the self manufacturing of your sandblasting room.

Minimal to no maintenance required, the ISTblast System will provide a safe and efficient indoor surface treatment environment, independent of outdoor weather conditions. The result is a safer environment for the operators, as well as a complete and certified environment protection against harmful sandblasting dust.

silver large blast booth

Featuring the safest and most effective process in surface treatment while recycling the most popular abrasives such as; glass bead, aluminum oxide, steel shot, steel grit and much more, while achieving substantial consumption savings of abrasives (recycling rates of 95% and more can be realized).

The image below is the inside of a blast booth with rubber lined walls. The 5,000 lb rated grating in the floors covers the IST augers that collect the sand and debris and deliver it to the bucket elevator as part of the media recovery system (MRS).

inside a blast booth with owner, Fred Steltman on left

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