3-Axis Blast Booth Man Lifts

Pacific Spray Booths, based in greater Vancouver, BC offers blast booth lifts for blast booths, blast rooms, fall and safety prevention, paint finishing, and with ergonomic positioning.

Sand blast lifts help withstand harsh and demanding environments with grit, sand and shot blast. The components are heavy duty and sealed. Replace your ladders and increase the safety and productivity of your shop.

blast media booth man lifts

Blast Media and Blast Booth Lift Features

• Raised platform heights up to 20ft. with custom heights available
• Retracted dimension 4ft.
• Extended dimension 9ft.
• Operator platform capacity 500lbs.
• Sealed mast construction Pneumatic/hydraulic power unit
• Platform 48in. wide x 30in. deep
• Operator controls on front rail of platform
(Hand controls for Y-Axis, Z-Axis, and emergency stop, Foot control for X-Axis)
• Base control to raise and lower platform
• Lift equipped with Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
• Self-closing/self-latching entry gates
• 1 and 2 axis models available
• Lift requires a clean, dry air supply of 80 scfm @ 100psi with a 40°F dew point
• Rail guided travel (X-Axis)



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